Galeria Ana Lama

FotografIa_ Stratos Ntontsis
Performance_ Rocío Boliver
Image/ Collage_ Margarida Chambel

The Ana Lama Gallery started out in 2016, and since then has been integrating international artists in a series of monthly presentations. The project explores the literary aspects of an exiled curator, building a continuous performance in which the programming is created by a drifting character – Ana Lama.

The FEA ( Fake Extreme Art) is the spirit that comes, the assumption of the humoristic function and the meta-irony, the creation and programming realized in an extreme way, in the doubt and in the construction of multiple objects that amplify the result of what is experienced in different phases of the creation process: programming of performances; writing and edition of the memories of the curator Ana Lama and the presentation of the book.

The programming of the performances has a partially-live format – through the video recordings of the performances, created in collaboration and partnership with the artistic directors, the director Sousa Haz and a guest artist – a process of temporal disorganization is developed (which we call making of), resulting in the creation of hybrid objects, between the filming of a performance with an audience and the material construction of a nomadic gallery. The actions are recorded live, in emblematic locations throughout the city of Lisbon: Estufa Fria, Mercado de Culturas de Arroios, Panorâmico de Monsanto, Mercado de Alvalade, Clube Atlético de Arroios, Cisterna da FBAUL and Prata Riverside Village.
The videos are available online – constituting an archive with videos prepared and edited by the Ana Lama Gallery team.

Nuno Oliveira. Artistic Direction / Writing
Margarida Chambel. Artistic Director / Image

Márcio-André de Sousa Haz. Video Direction
Roberto Álvarez Gregores. Art Direction / Communication Support
Gabriel Marmelo. Video Registration
João Salvação. Video Registration
Stratos Ntonsis. Photographic Record
Ana Azevedo. Communication
Colectivo Bu. Communication
Studio Sponja. Website
Maia Horta. Translation
Joaquim E. Oliveira. Proofreading

Portuguese Republic – Culture / Directorate-General of Arts
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Polo Cultural das Gaivotas
Junta de Freguesia de Arroios
Junta de Freguesia de Alvalade
Clube Atlético de Arroios
Estufa Fria
Panorâmico de Monsanto
P’LA ARTE, plataforma cívica
Performing Arts Hub Norway (PAHN)
ESTC da Amadora
Height Places


By contributing to Ana Lama Gallery you are supporting a self-supporting community of artists.
The project is non-profit, all support and sale of works aim to ensure the self-management and continuity of research processes around an interdisciplinary language, for the creation of integrated objects, a portable gallery – between performance, video, literature and landscape.

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