Galeria Ana Lama

“if we ask for your heart as a way of advertising a great work of art, you will probably comply”

It portrays the case of an exiled curator, in an episode of defamation by several museum directors. The strange case of exile of the Portuguese curator, Ana Lama, takes place at a time when supposedly all freedoms are ensured.

In the book the text is also visual image – with the posters; the text is performance – with poetic enunciations as guidelines for actions; the text expands in the programming of an event, a beyond the text that tries to remain cohesive in the novel. The performers of the programme stand out as the maximum heroes of contemporaneity, in a world where there is only one profession and one sport, Minigolf, and where a free ludic sense no longer exists.


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author Nuno Oliveira

produced by OPÁ- Association and Galeria Ana Lama

posters Margarida Chambel

proofread by Joaquim E. Oliveira

graphic design Ana Luisa Bouza

translation Flávia Rocha

printed by Imprensa Municipal de Lisboa

publication year 2021

number of pages 199

support Portuguese Republic – Culture – Programme Garantir a Cultura; Lisbon City Hall; Portuguese Republic – Culture – Direcção Geral das Artes.