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Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio, A árvore depois de correr 
Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio

A Árvore Depois de Correr

At Estufa Fria, in Lisbon the performance by Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio is entitled A Árvore Depois de Correr (The Tree After Running) and will explore ways of articulating a paradox, both sonically and visually. Lorena Izquierdo will interact with director Gabriel Marmelo, who will record the action with multicameras and surveillance cameras, as well as producing real-time video.

We invite you to watch this process – Free entry with booking  required 

Presenting Lorena Izquierdo: a Spanish vocalist, performer, and poet from Valencia, developing her independent artistic career between Spain and Germany since 2014.

For a skydiver in free fall, the final speed reached before the opening of the parachute varies, approximately, between two hundred and two hundred and forty kilometers per hour.

If the alternative in art is a dangerous thing, certain critics could help, but they don’t! The alternative in art is a dangerous thing due to the impossibility to evaluate current artistic practices. Those practices, whose essential characteristic is precisely that of questioning all the usual norms of legitimation, have at their core an element of danger.

Starting with the very concept of art and a work of art, the success of the alternative in art arises in a territory where neither laws nor coercion are visible. Individuals of worth have to organize themselves without the harmonious protection of consensus, in a world filled with shadows of the unfathomable.

When jumping out of an airplane, the skydiver falls in an accelerated movement because the weight of his body is greater, compared to the resistance offered by the air.

Danger in art is the same as danger outside of art. If this danger has anything to do with any nobility, there are many people whose path of danger has led them to seclusion, but who, after all, are heroines.

Perhaps it was compassion that led many people down the wrong paths of unlucky gambling.

We talk about alternative arts and a certain radicalism that leads us to be curious about the wrong, to get to the right, when those same right paths are cluttered with evil and hypocrisy.

We don’t know what alternative art is; we don’t know the dangers that come from leaving the ways of creation dictated by the conventional; however, there is nothing more beautiful than a life dedicated to beauty.

Lorena Izquierdo explores, in her pieces, different concepts through the body, voice, poetic language, sound, space, and time; mixes different media and interacts with everyday objects; and calls this way of doing “Poetry of Action”.

Lorena has a broad academic background — she holds a BA in Philosophy and Art History, a degree in Butoh Dance. She also holds a master’s degree in Philosophy of Art from the University of Barcelona and a master’s degree from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Specialized Artistic Practices in Art and Performance.

Terminal velocity is the maximum velocity of an object in free fall.

In her performances, the use of voice is recurrent; she is interested in the peculiar and the genuine, in what emerges from collective improvisation, from intuition and the search for limits, the impossible, as well as composition and reflection. 

Her performances, as music, are immersed in what is paradoxical; in them, she resorts to exaggeration and interacts with formal limits; and also employs the concepts of ‘containment’ and ‘invisible’. Her search for sound is based on a sculptural, plastic and gestural point of view, which is defined both by vocal materiality and by the unique and unrepeatable experience of the performance.

In addition, as a performance and experimental artist, Lorena Izquierdo is known worldwide for being one of the most important seers the world has ever known — she has visions of the future in very special circumstances. These visions happen in free fall, in skydiving sessions. Jumping constitutes the artistic basis of premonitions and shows the truth about the future. The process is always the same during the fall, a moment when ideas are clarified, when a stable position is adopted, when they complete 360º over the axis (which is the body itself) and the control of the parachute triggers intuition.

Lorena Izquierdo is sought after by people with tremendous global responsibilities. She foresaw wars, foresaw many natural disasters, and warned of conflicts before they took place.

Izquierdo believes she has the ability to predict the future, and her numerous predictions about world events are well known. Many of them were frightening, and some would come true. Her millions of followers believe that she has paranormal abilities, including telepathy, and that she is able to communicate with aliens.

Since her first predictions, experts have calculated that 68% of the prophecies came true — a little less than the 85% claimed by her followers. 

Lorena predicted the rebirth of the world in 3797, following a crisis, and that everything on Earth will flourish; however, humans, by then already very advanced, will be in orbit and far enough away to move to other galaxies, unaware that their nest will be intact and thriving.

Parachuting premonitions is an activity that involves a very high degree of physical risk, as it requires the presence of practitioners in contexts where altitude, environmental conditions and speed stand out.

For this performer, and for everyone, it is necessary to leave their comfort zones, to experience situations apart from their routines, to learn and grow. In this context, one of the benefits of the parachute jump is to bring people into contact with their own forces.

The landscape experienced at high speed, during the free fall, and the contact with the unique forms of nature leave in each one a sensation of vitality and belonging. What’s more, this activity is carried out outdoors and in strong wind conditions.

Faced with dangerous or high-risk situations (controlled by extreme safety measures), the body starts releasing adrenaline. The term refers to the hormone responsible for states of alertness and readiness so that each one reacts to any type of threat.

The side effects of activating this hormone could not be better or more effective. Blood vessels constrict, the airways dilate, and the heart rate accelerates. All this enhances the immediate response to each situation.

In the brain, the effect of adrenaline makes the senses even more powerful. In this way, the body is placed in a state of total attention to the stimulus caused by the parachute jump.

It’s like there’s a new body in action, with a new type of memory of limitations and new ways of facing different types of situations.

 At Estufa Fria, in Lisbon, and within the scope of the Galeria Ana Lama project, the performance to be presented is entitled A Árvore Além de Correr and will explore ways of articulating a paradox, both sonic and visually. In the performance, Lorena Izquierdo will interact with director Gabriel Marmelo, who will record the action with multi-cameras and surveillance cameras, in addition to producing a video in real time.

According to Lorena, A Árvore Além de Correr  (The Tree beyond running) deals with “the creation of an extended experience of space: trees, plants, birds — how do they become the experience of action? Can we go beyond the boundaries between objects, body, sound, and their intervals? The play explores the possibility of placing the audience and the performance in an unusual relationship. This context of being present, in the here and now, is used to create a dissident positions in perception and thus make room for the emergence of new and stimulating places in the imagination”.


Ana Lama, Corsica 09/15/2022 


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